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Silicone drum heaters PDF - Silicone drum heaters

Silicone Drum Heaters 0-120º C

Silicone Drum Heater / Barrel Heater 0-120º C

The silicone side Drum heater reduces the viscosity of materials such as soaps, fats, foodstuffs, varnishes and chemicals allowing them to be pumped or poured with ease.

Products are marked with identification and batch numbers giving full manufacturing traceability.

Standard sizes are available from stock but heaters can be manufactured to customers bespoke requirements. Please contact our technical sales team for advice and information.


Item no. Drum Size Rating
11-9866 105 L 1300-115 mm 230V 800 W
11-9867 200 L 1700-115 mm 230V 1000 W
11-9667A 200 L 1700-180 mm 230V 1500 W
11-9667B 200 L 1700-180 mm 230V 1000 W
11-9864 25-30 L 800-125 mm 230V 300 W
11-9865 50-60 L 950-115 mm 230V 500 W
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