Gas Cylinder Heater

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Our gas cylinder heating jacket prevents frosting and ensures a constant flow rate for laboratory and industrial processes. Equipped with a digital thermostat, it is suitable for various gases and has a durable, lightweight design with quick-release buckles for easy attachment and transport.

  • Prevents frosting and ensures a constant flow rate
  • Digital thermostat with a heating range from 0 – 90ºC
  • Durable, lightweight design with quick-release buckles
  • Suitable for various gases, including SF6, Propane, Nitrogen, Oxygen, BCl3, WF6, and HF

    Info Specification

    When working in laboratories or different industries, a constant flow of gas is required. Normally the gas is supplied from pressurized cylinders where the gases are stored in liquid form.

    If the level of the liquid gases reduces fast, frosting on the cylinder can occur, which affects the flow rate significantly.

    By installing our gas cylinder heating jacket, you prevent frosting and secure the constant and stable flow rate required for your process. This is particularly important when using calibration gases where repeatability is vital.

    Equipped with an easy-to-use digital thermostat with a heating range from 0 - 90ºC makes this gas heating jacket ideal for almost any type of gas - for example, SF6, Propane, Nitrogen, Oxygen, BCl3, WF6, and HF.

    The gas heating jackets are designed in a durable and long-lasting, high-quality lightweight design. The construction with quick-release buckles makes this heater easy to attach to the gas bottle or cylinder.

    The durable material and the safe installation of the heating jacket makes it optimal for transporting also.

    We have standard sizes in stock, typically type K cylinder sizes - we can design heating jackets for most (gas) cylinder sizes.

    Technical description

    • Silicone impregnated fabric
    • Fiberglass insulation
    • Teflon heating wire
    • Adjustable quick-release buckles
    • 3 meter power cable (no plug)
    • Safety Thermostat
    • Digital Thermostat adjustable 0-90º
    • IP40 Protection
    SKU Temperaturområde Dimensions Effect Wattage
    12-1200A0-40°C1050x860 mm.230V435W
    12-1200B0-90°C1050x860 mm.230V435W

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