ATEX Gas Bottle Heater

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The ATEX Gas Bottle Heater series is a safe, efficient, and customizable heating solution for gas bottles located in hazardous areas. Gos bottle heaters are used for protection against frost, temperature maintenance and process heating in a wide range of industries.

The ATEX Gas Bottle Heater series is a reliable and safe solution for heating gas bottles used for protection against frost, temperature maintenance, and process heating in the temperature range from -40°C to +50/60°C.

The heating jacket is designed to fit the dimensions of a standard and customer-customized gas bottles dimensions enabling highly efficient and effective heating The ATEX Gas Bottle Heater series is suitable for use in various industries, including oil & gas, chemical, and pharmaceuticals.

    Info Specification

    The ATEX Gas Bottle Heater series is available in different capacities, nominal powers, depending on the size of the gas bottle being heated. It can be used for temperature classes T6, T5, T4, and T3 depending on the temperature setting of the limiter.

    The heater is designed to be robust, flexible, and dissipative, making it suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. The heater has a protection class of IP65/I, which means it is dust-tight and protected against water jets. The heater is system-approved with an EC-type examination certificate according to RL 2014/34/EU appendix III. Additionally, the heater is delivered fully configured and ready to use without further acceptance procedures.

    It is important to note that the ATEX Gas Bottle Heater series should be operated at maximum temperature of 50°C (cylinder temperature) in accordance with technical rules TRG 310 / TRBS 3145 / TRGS 745.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Nominal voltage: 230 VAC*
    • Nominal power: 380W, 850W, 850W (10L, 50L, 79L) or application-specific
    • Max. operating temperature: +50/60°C (jacket max. 200°C)
    • Temperature class: T6, T5, T4, T3 (depending on temperature setting limiter)
    • Electrical connection terminal boxes for network (EX-e) / sensor (EX-i)
    • Protection class: IP65/I
    • Zones 1/2 (gas); 21/22 (dust)
    • Sensors: 2xPt100 (EX-i, EX-e)
    • Weight: 6kg, 9.5kg, 10kg (10L, 50L, 79L)
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