DEVIhotwatt™ 45 (B) / 55 (B) / 70 (B) Heating Cable

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  • Customizable Length: Easily trimmed to the perfect size right where you need it.
  • UV Protection: The black variant features UV resistance for enhanced durability.
  • Eco-Friendly Design: Free from PVC, making it a safer choice for the environment.

    Info Specification

    Introducing DEVIhotwatt™, a cutting-edge self-limiting heating cable designed for the efficient temperature maintenance of hot water supplies and other fluids requiring constant temperature levels. Here’s why DEVIhotwatt™ is an essential addition to your system:


    • Self-Limiting Technology: Automatically adjusts its output to match ambient temperatures, increasing when it's cold and decreasing when it's warm, ensuring your fluids are always at the perfect temperature without wasting energy.
    • Enhanced Efficiency: Provides hot water across all taps, eliminating the need for full-system circulation and leading to significant energy savings.
    • Safety First: To ensure maximum safety, all DEVIhotwatt™ cables require a thermostat for over-temperature protection, as their output can decrease but never reach zero. Additionally, they must be protected by an RCD (Residual Current Device) with a maximum trip current of 30 mA, safeguarding against potential electrical faults.
    • Application Specific: Although highly effective for temperature maintenance, it's important to note that the DEVIhotwatt™ cable is not suitable for use in drinking water.


    Opt for DEVIhotwatt™ to maintain your water and fluids at the desired temperature efficiently and safely, while also enjoying the benefits of reduced energy consumption.


    Technical Specification:

    Nominal voltage 230 V AC Nominal output (min-max):

    DEVIhotwatt™ 45: 7 W/m @ 45 °C (6,5-9,5 W/m @ 45 °C)

    DEVIhotwatt™ 55: 9 W/m @ 55 °C (8,5-13,0 W/m @ 55 °C)

    DEVIhotwatt™ 70: 12 W/m @ 70 °C (11,3-15,2 W/m @ 70 °C)

    Outer sheath:

    DEVIhotwatt™ 45: Black, TPE

    DEVIhotwatt™ 55: Green, TPE

    DEVIhotwatt™ 70: Black, TPE Green

    Maximum permissible use temperature: 80 °C, powered / 100 °C, unpowered

    Minimum installation temperature: -5 °C

    Cable dimensions: 11,8 mm × 5,8 mm

    Screen: Tinned copper braid, 1,25 mm²

    Minimum braid coverage: 70%

    Maximum resistance protective braid: 18,2 Ω/Km

    Bending Ø, min.: 50 mm (Ø to the inside of the tape)

    IP Class: IPX7

    Types Length Nominal output @ 10 °C
    DEVIhotwatt™ 70300m7W/m
    DEVIhotwatt™ 701-330m(cut-to-length)7W/m
    DEVIhotwatt™ 55100m9W/m
    DEVIhotwatt™ 55300m9W/m
    DEVIhotwatt™ 551-330m(cut-to-length)9W/m
    DEVIhotwatt™ 45300m12W/m
    DEVIhotwatt™ 451-330m(cut-to-length)12W/m

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