ATEX Temperature Controller

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    The ATEX Temperature Controller-Limiter and Power Selector combination is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for controlling and limiting temperature, including power selector function. It is suitable for all our ATEX products and can be installed both inside and outside potentially explosive atmospheres.

    This controller-limiter and power selector is user-friendly and intuitive to handle, making it an ideal choice for those who need precise temperature control in hazardous areas. It comes with extensive documentation for the explosion protection document, and can be used safely in explosive gas or dust atmospheres for zones 1/2 and 21/22.


    • Comprehensive solution for controlling and limiting temperature incl. power selector function
    • Suitable for all ATEX products and all temperature classes
    • Type of protection: Ex-i (intrinsically safe) for Pt100 sensors
    • User-friendly and intuitive handling
    • Extensive documentation for the explosion protection document
    • Integrated temperature switch (switch-off temperature approx. 90 °C)
    • Notification of sensor break and sensor short-circuit
    • Fuse for the control circuit is internally accessible via terminal
    • Measurement display with 7-segment-LED's
    • Switching point accuracy < 1 K
    • Controller hysteresis 2 K
    • Relay output alarm 1 CO contact 5A, 250 V
    • Intrinsically safe and galvanic isolation connection of the Pt100 DIN EN 60751 (IEC 60751) resistance thermometer in 3- or 2-wire circuit


    • Power supply: 230 VAC (50-60 Hz)
    • Load current measured value: max. 25 A (external protection 25 A)
    • Sensor: PT100 (EX-i), 3- or 2-wire circuit
    • Intrinsically safe measuring circuit: Ex ib IIC: Uo= 6.3 V, Io= 22 mA, Po= 35 mW max. Co= 1.5 μF, max. Lo= 10 mH, Ex ib IIB: Uo= 6.3 V, Io= 22 mA, Po= 35 mW max. Co= 8.2 μF, max. Lo= 10 mH
    • Protection degree: IP 64 acc. to EN 60529
    • Measuring range: 0…450 °C
    • Cable glands: 1x M25 power supply, 1x M25 heating cable, 1x M16 sensor cable
    • Dimensions LxWxH / Weight: 260 x 160 x 135 mm / ca. 6.0 kg
    • Material: aluminium, mounting on base plate (Enclosure)
    • Choose the ATEX Temperature Controller-Limiter and Power Selector for precise and reliable temperature control in potentially explosive atmospheres.
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