Drum Heater for foodstuff

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High temperature drum heaters for food and pharmaceutical industries. Perfect for heating fluids in metal drums. Easy, fast, and safe heating up to 120°C. Equipped with 2 thermostats for precision heating. Made of special silicone materials that comply with industry regulations and are durable. Webbing straps make it easy to attach to drums for transport.

  • Designed for food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Heats fluids in metal drums up to 120°C
  • Equipped with 2 thermostats for precision heating
  • Made of special silicone materials that comply with industry regulations and are durable

    Info Specification

    Foodstuff drum heater

    Drum heater specially designed for the food and pharmaceutical industries. The heater is the perfect product for heating up fluids to a high temperature in a metal drum. Optimal for keeping foodstuff content at a consistent temperature, a certain viscosity or keeping the foodstuff from freezing.

    With this foodstuff drum heater it is easy, fast and absolutely safe within all standards and regulations to heat up fluids to a desired temperature. All the way to 320°F (Of course depending on the fluids maximum temperature).

    Our foodstuff drum heaters are designed in special FDA approved fabric that complies with all regulations and every standard in the industry to ensure optimal food hygiene.

    This heater is equipped with 2 thermostats that with upmost precision heats the drum.

    The materials are furthermore very durable and together with the webbing straps are easy to attach the heater to the drum. This also makes the drum heater perfect to use when transporting drums that must keep a certain temperature or viscosity.

    Technical description

    • Silicone/Glass fabric jacket.
    • Glass filament blanket.
    • Silicone insulated spiral Wound resistance element.
    • Adjustable quick release webbing straps.
    • Standard size 55 Gallon
    • 10ft power cable.
    • Thermostat 32-320°F.
    • IP54 Protection.
    • Warm-up duration approx. 24h (200 L water from +59ºF to +176ºF with a 1200 W drum heater).
    SKU Size Dimensions Effect Wattage Temperature range
    19-2746200L1990x800 mm.230V1200W0-120°C
    12-1208200L1990x800 mm.230V2 x 600W0-120°C

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