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Kuhlmann Ground Thawing Blankets are durable and weatherproof, designed to thaw frozen ground and soil, pipes, and protect equipment from freezing. They also work as curing blankets for various construction purposes.

  • Thaws frozen ground and soil, pipes, and protects equipment from freezing
  • Works as curing blankets for various construction purposes
  • Durable and weatherproof materials
  • Easy installation and repacking

    Info Specification

    Kuhlmann Ground Thawing Blankets are designed for thawing up ground surfaces and can be used for a variety of purposes.

    In winter and cold conditions, entrepreneurs and construction workers who need to thaw frozen grounds or surfaces use our electrical ground thawing blankets. The blankets are top-insulated and will only radiate heat in a downwards direction. Designed in durable waterproof and weatherproof materials, our thawing blankets are built to last and can withstand just about any condition.

    With the ground thaw heating blanket you can easily thaw frozen ground and soil, frozen pipes, melt ice and snow, thaw frozen pipes, and use the blankets as freeze protection for pipelines and other equipment that are in risk of freezing.

    Use the blankets for curing purposes as they also work as curing blankets for e.g. curing bridge decks, curing newly laid brick or block walls, precast, masonry walls, concrete, decorative concrete and much more.

    Our thawing mats comes with either a 2 meter Schuko power cable or a 2 meter industrial connector. Both blankets has a built-in bimetal thermostat with a automatic 70°C temperature.

    Installation is very easy and when the job is done, so is the repacking. Simply roll out the mat on the surface where you want to work. Plug in the electrical cord and you are on the way to a safely thawed surface. When the surface is frost-free unplug the cord and roll up the blanket.

    These curing- and ground thawing blankets will save you a lot of time and money keeping the labor running.

    Technical specifications:

    • Durable PVC materials.
    • Fixed temperature (158°F).
    • 2-meter power cable.
    • Special sizes produced upon request.
    • IP67 Class.
    • In normal conditions the mat thaws up to 12 inches of soil in 24 hours - or up to 24 inches in more sandy soil/ground.

    This product is perfect for:

    • Concrete curing
    • Thawing frozen ground
    • Preheating construction materials
    • Freeze protecting construction materials
    • Melting snow and ice
    • Freeze protecting pipelines
    • Heat maintenance in electrical and telecom cables
    • Excavation work

    Amongst others used by/in:

    • Agriculture.
    • Railway companies.
    • Landscaping companies.
    • Utility companies.
    • Plumbers.
    • Oilfield companies.
    • Concrete workers.
    • Construction workers.
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