Decades of experiencehas made us market leaders in manufacturing surface heating products

About us

Kuhlmann Electro-Heat A/S is a Danish family-owned company with decades of experience in the production of electric heating elements for both the national and international industrial sectors.

Our history dates to 1959 when the company was founded. In the early years, we produced electrical heating elements, but when the company was taken over by Lars Kuhlmann in 1997, a new era of product development began.

In 2002, we developed the first industrial heating blanket for curing processes, specifically designed for the construction and maintenance
of wind turbine blades. These heating blankets from 2002 were later expanded to include the heating of drums, barrels and containers.

Today, we specialize in the design, development, and production of
drum heaters, container heaters, and heating blankets, with happy
customers in more than 65 countries worldwide.

Our focus is on producing innovative products that challenge
industry standards. Our vision is to continue developing products
that meet the highest quality standards while maintaining
environmentally friendly production.

Our mission is to work closely with our customers and offer tailored solutions designed to meet their specific needs. We are among the few manufacturers that provide customized solutions directly from our own production.

We take great pride in our work, and our production undergoes
continuous control, ensuring products of the highest quality.

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Pioneering Heating Solutions for a Global Market


Since 1959, we have pioneered electric heating elements, from early electrical heaters to the first industrial heating blankets. With a focus on innovation and quality, our products continually set industry standards, reflecting our commitment to excellence and sustainability.


We specialize in tailored heating solutions directly from our production, ensuring that each product uniquely aligns with our customers’ specific needs. Our dedication to customizing highquality drum heaters, container heaters, and heating blankets distinguishes us in the market.


With satisfied clients in over 65 countries, our reach and reliability are testament to our international appeal. We bring decades of technical expertise and innovative products to a global audience, solidifying our position as leaders in industrial heating.


Our continuous production control ensures the highest standard of products, while our commitment to environmental sustainability guides our innovative approach. We deliver not just products but enduring value to our customers, making us a trusted partner in industrial heating.

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Our many years of experience has made us market leaders in producing surface heating elements.

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