Drum Heater 0-200°C

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Drum heaters maintain consistent temperature, viscosity, and prevent freezing. Equipped with a thermostat, heating range from 0-200ºC, and durable lightweight design with quick release webbing straps. Ideal for transporting and long-lasting. Can be used with heating cabinets or ovens. New Kuhlmann Digital Temperature Controller available.

  • Maintains consistent temperature and viscosity
  • Equipped with a thermostat and heating range from 0-200ºC
  • Durable and lightweight design with quick release webbing straps
  • Can be used with heating cabinets or ovens, and new Kuhlmann Digital Temperature Controller available

    Info Specification

    Drum heaters are perfect for drums where you want to keep the content at a consistent temperature, a certain viscosity or keeping the content from freezing.

    Equipped with an easy to use thermostat with a heating range from 0 - 200ºC makes this drum heater ideal for almost any purpose (the maximum temperature can vary due to the maximum temperature of liquids).

    The high temperature range drum heaters are designed in a durable and long lasting high quality lightweight design and the construction together with quick release webbing straps makes the drum heater easy to attach to any standard size metal drum.

    The durable material and the tight drum fastening straps make the drum heater optimal for transporting and at the same time very long lasting.

    Drum heating jackets are an ideal supplement to drum heating cabinets where the jacket is mounted to a single drum or container. The drum heating jackets can also be used in conjunction with heating cabinets or heating ovens making transportation of a heated drum or container much easier and the heat loss minimal to none.

     NEW    Now we also offer our high temperature drum heater with a Kuhlmann Digital Temperature Controller - a durable, compact and very easy to use temperature controller for precise temperature adjustment. See specifications below for more detail.

    The high temperature heater can be used for a variety of heating purposes including heating oil, diesel fuel, resin, water or other industrial liquids that needs to have a consistent temperature or viscosity.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Silicone impregnated cloth
    • Fiberglass insulation
    • Teflon heating wire
    • Adjustable quick release buckles
    • 3M Power Cable (no plug)
    • Safety Thermostat
    • Standard sizes e.g. 200L
    • Digital Thermostat 0-200º
    • IP40 Protection
    • Warm-up duration approx. 24h (200 Liters water from +18º C to +88º C with a 1200W drum heater)
    • The base drum heater may be used additionally
    • Insulation Top lid sold separately

    Ideal for heating up:

    • Water.
    • Oils and also diesel fuel.
    • Resin.
    • Vaseline.
    • Wax, e.g. lanolin (wool wax or wool grease).
    • Fats.
    SKU Size Dimensions Effect Wattage
    11-9870200L1990x800 mm.230V1200W
    11-9870A200L1990x800 mm.110V1200W
    11-9870B200L1990x800 mm.230V1500W
    11-9870C200L1990x800 mm.230V3200W
    11-9873105L1650x370 mm.230V700W
    11-987150/60L1330x460 mm.230V440W
    11-987225/30L1200x400 mm.230V380W

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