External Digitherm Digital Temperature Controller

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  • Designed for up to 200 ºC applications with digital display for desired temperature.
  • Features easy-to-use, glove-friendly buttons and an option to display current measured temperature.
  • Equipped with a timer function for auto shut-off and a ramp-up function for slow warm-up.
  • Offers safety features such as a current fuse of 16A, over voltage protection, and internal over temperature shutdown.
  • Perfect for use with General Heating Blankets, GRE Pipe Heating Blankets, High Voltage Cable Heating Blankets, and Drum & IBC Heating Blankets.

    Info Specification

    The External DigiTherm Temperature Controller is a state-of-the-art, industrial-grade solution for precise temperature control in a variety of applications. This robust controller is designed to handle temperatures up to 200 ºC, making it an ideal choice for demanding industrial environments.

    With its digital display, you can easily set your desired temperature, and even have the option to monitor the current measured temperature. The controller is designed with user-friendly, glove-friendly buttons, making it easy to use even in challenging conditions.

    One of the standout features of this controller is its safety measures. It comes with a 16A current fuse, over voltage protection, and an internal over temperature shutdown feature, ensuring your operations are always safe and reliable.

    In addition to its versatile features, the External DigiTherm Temperature Controller also comes equipped with a Harting Plug, ensuring a secure and reliable connection for your industrial heating applications.

    Whether you're employing it with General Heating Blankets, GRE Pipe Heating Blankets, High Voltage Cable Heating Blankets, Drum & IBC Heating Blankets, or any other industrial heating product, the External DigiTherm Temperature Controller is engineered to provide consistent, reliable performance. Its universal compatibility and versatility make it an indispensable asset in any industrial environment.

    Technical Specifications

    • Voltage: 115V or 230V (+/-10%)
    • Power 115V: 1800W max
    • Power 230V: 3000W max
    • Environment min/max: -10 ºC / 40ºC
    • IP Rating: IP54
    • Height: 130mm
    • Width: 80mm
    • Depth: 61mm
    • Weight: 0.46kg


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