Internal IBC Container Heater

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  • Fast internal heating
  • Accurate temperature control
  • All energy is transferred to the product
  • Will not burn or scorch the product
  • Sterilization option

    Info Specification

    Super-fast and intelligent batch electric heater that provides accurate and safe internal heating of IBC Containers.

    The patented heating system consists of a range of electrical heaters for industrial process heating applications.

    The Internal IBC Heater is a unique approach to heating viscous foodstuffs and chemicals within IBC Containers. Instead of traditionally heating from the outside, the heater is inserted inside the container with the base of the heating unit next to the outlet valve. This strategic placement makes it super easy to discharge the content from the IBC with little to no product waste.

    It is designed to protect sensitive products, such as syrups, honey, treacle, molasses, fats and other viscous products that are difficult to process. Most products can be batched within a relatively short time, increasing efficiency and reducing down time.

    The IBC heater has an easy to use adjustable temperature with a temperature setting from 0 to 70°C and is available in 240Vac and delivers up to 2.4kW of power.

    Technical specifications:

    • Designed for insertion into 1000 litre cubic IBC but will also fit inside most IBC configurations.
    • Adjustable temperature range from 0°C to 70°C using an easy to use controller on the top of the heater.
    • 230/240 Volts - up to 2.4kW power output.
    • Finned, food safe heating element that is inserted into the IBC, thereby heating the contents directly.
    • Fast batching ability. Unique thermodynamic core that gives even temperature distribution along the heating extrusion,
    • preventing thermal damage to the liquid contents of the IBC.
    • Non-stick industrial strength Xylon coating for easy washdown.
    • Carefully designed low Watt density to protect sensitive products.
    • Lightweight with stainless steel handles for easy insertion and extraction.
    • Even temperature distribution along the length of the heating extrusion.
    • Colored LED for power cycle and status indication.
    • 16 Amp blue industrial power plug.
    • Protective sleeve between the base of the control unit and the neck of the IBC to prevent ingress of contaminants.
    • Robust Construction:
    • IP67-rated body with potentiometer control mounted under protective see-through cover.
    • The product is sealed to ensure that all the connections and components are waterproof.
    • Robust IP67-rated aluminum case.
    • Long life heating elements.
    SKU Dimensions Size Effect Wattage
    20-2904S1200x140x110 mm1000L230V2400W

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