Silicone Heaters

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Silicone heaters are perfect for heating stainless steel elements, such as in catering, where a heated surface is needed.

  • Easy to mount under the element to be heated
  • Available with adjustable temperature control or fixed temperature
  • Water-resistant and flexible silicone heating blankets
  • Customizable with adjustable thermostat or overheating protection

    Info Specification

    Silicone heaters are especially good for stainless steel elements that require heat - e.g. for catering, where one wants a heated surface, one can easily mount a silicone heater under the element you want to heat.

    Silicone heating mats are available with adjustable temperature control or bimetal for fixed temperature, which both creates evenly distributed temperature.

    Silicone Heating blankets are water resistent and made of heating wires embedded in silicone rubber, thickness 3mm. Ideal for surface warming due to great flexibility.

    We manufacture silicone mats by order. Our silicone mats can be supplied with an adjustable thermostat or with overheating protection (bimetal). Please contact us for further details.

    Technical specifications:

    • Can be set to vary heat concentrations to optimize distribution
    • Minimum heat dipersion in case of external application on the object to be heated
    • Can be molded
    • Easy to assemble

    Silicone heaters are amongst others used in:

    • Catering industry.
    • Battery warming.
    • Environmental control.
    • Hospitals.
    • Telecommunications.
    • Electronics and 3D printing.
    • Composite repair of aircrafts.
    • Laboratory equipment.
    • Satellite dishes.
    • Snow melting.
    • Anti-condensation.


    Max. width 600 mm
    Max. length 2800 mm
    Thickness 0,7 til 3,0 mm
    Max. surface temperature 200° C (short 230° C)
    Min. exposure temperature - 60° C
    Max. temperature of heated part 180° C
    Voltage 12-400 V
    Effect op til 2,0 W/cm2
    Tolerance, dimension +/- 2 mm
    Tolerance, electrical +/- 7,5%
    Dielectric Strength 1500 V

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