Insulated Jacket

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The insulated jacket maintains temperature inside a standard 200 liter drum. It can be used with a base drum heater to speed up heating.

  • Durable nylon with polyester lining
  • Velcro pads for easy attachment and detachment
  • Easy access to the top of the drum through the lid
  • Custom sizes available upon request

    Info Specification

    The insulated jacket is designed as a jacket for at drum, isolating and maintaining temperature inside the drum. As for standards the insulation jacket fits a standard 200 liter drum.

    If you wish to heat the content in a drum you can add the insulation jacket in the process together with a base drum heater. In this way the insulation jacket helps isolating the drum and speeds up the heating process.

    The jacket is designed in durable nylon with polyester on the inside. The jacket is equipped with velcro pads which makes it very easy to attach or deattach on a drum. Furthermore there is easy access to the top of the drum through the lid of the jacket.

    This insulation jacket has a standard size to fit a 200 liter drum. We do however on request produce other size insulation jackets. Please contact us for further details and delivery time.

    Technical specifications:

    • Polyurethane nylon jacket
    • Water resistant
    • Flame retardant
    • Needled polyester insulation
    • Standard Size:  200 L
    • Other sizes on request
    SKU Size Dimensions
    11-9862200LØ620 x H860 mm.

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