Heating Blanket 0-90°C for Blade Tip

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  • Specifically designed for curing the leading and trailing tip of wind turbine blades.
  • Operates at a stable temperature of approximately 60º or 80º C, ensuring optimal curing conditions.
  • Allows for safe and efficient post-curing procedures, eliminating the risk of grinding non-cured material.
  • Customizable in different sizes and power configurations to meet specific customer requirements.
  • Compatible with the Kuhlmann Digital Temperature Controller for precise temperature adjustment.

    Info Specification

    The Heating Blanket for Blade Tips from Kuhlmann Electro-Heat A/S is a specialized solution designed to meet the unique needs of wind turbine blade tip curing. This heating blanket is engineered to provide a stable operating temperature of approximately 60º or 80º C, ensuring optimal curing conditions for your blade tips.

    Once the blade tips have been cured, ground, and polished, you can carry out any required procedures without the risk of grinding non-cured material. This not only ensures the safety of your operations but also helps protect the environment by preventing the release of hazardous substances.

    Our heating blankets are delivered with a mounted controller, ensuring precise temperature adjustment and optimal curing conditions right out of the box. The heating blankets can be customized in different sizes and power configurations to meet your specific requirements.

    Whether you're involved in wind turbine rotor blade production or blade repair, the Heating Blanket for Blade Tips offers a reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly solution for your curing needs.

    Technical Specifications

    • Material: Nylon
    • Insulation: Polyester, 8mm for minimal heat loss
    • Heating Wire: Teflon
    • Grounded Heating system
    • Safety Thermostat
    • Available with adjustable Digital temperature controllers, Temp Sensor, or bi-metal limiter
    • 3M power Cable (no plug)
    • Optimal for curing composite materials, carbon, and epoxy pre preg
    • Can be put together to cover a larger surface
    • Straps for fixed installation (optional)
    • Many sizes in stock, special sizes produced upon request
    SKU Blade Dimensions Effect Wattage
    20-2860B581000x680 mm.2x230V2 x 220W
    20-2860B551000x680 mm.2x230V2 x 220W
    10-9570DTB581000x680 mm.2x110V2 x 220W
    10-9570DTB551000x680 mm.2x110V2 x 220W
    08-9100DTB52900x1090 mm.2x230V2 x 265W
    10-9571DTB491020x660 mm.2x230V2 x 183W
    08-9101B451150x810 mm.2x230V2 x 265W
    08-9151DTB401200x880 mm.2x230V2 x 295W
    11-9722ADTB55830x630 mm.2x110V2 x 75W
    11-9722DTB55830x630 mm.2x208V2 x 75W
    07-8778CDTB44570x490 mm.2x110V2 x 55W
    19-2620B44570x490 mm.2x230V2 x 55W

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