PVC Pipe Bending Heaters

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Discover the efficiency of Kuhlmann Electro-Heat’s PVC Pipe Bending Heaters.

Designed for precision and durability, these heaters offer fixed temperature control, ease of use, and are perfect for shaping PVC pipes in various applications.

    Info Specification

    Embrace the innovation of Kuhlmann Electro-Heat with our state-of-the-art PVC Pipe Bending Heaters. These heaters are a game-changer for simplifying the process of bending PVC conduits and pipes. Whether you're working on electrical installations, plumbing, or custom fabrication, our heaters ensure a smooth, effortless bending experience.

    Our heaters are crafted with a high-grade silicon rubber compound, ensuring durability and consistent performance. The fixed 150°C (300°F) temperature offers the perfect balance of heat for efficient bending without compromising the pipe's integrity. The bimetal fixed thermostat maintains optimal temperature, ensuring safety and precision.

    With two sizes available, our heaters cater to a range of pipe diameters, from ½” to 4” OD (Outer Diameter). The ease of use is unparalleled – simply wrap the heater around the pipe, and it uniformly heats the PVC to make it pliable for bending. This method eliminates the risk and uneven heating of traditional methods like blow torches.

    From constructing custom plumbing solutions to managing intricate electrical conduit installations, Kuhlmann Electro-Heat’s PVC Pipe Bending Heaters are your go-to tool for efficient, reliable pipe shaping.

    Technical Specifications

    • Brand: Kuhlmann Electro-Heat
    • Application: PVC Conduit / Pipe Bending
    • Heater Sizes: 8.5” x 13” and 13” x 30”
    • Fixed Temperature: 300°F (150°C)
    • Power: 120V, Available in 200W and 800W
    • Thermostat: Bimetal Fixed
    • Pipe Size Compatibility: ½” to 4” OD
    • Material: Silicon Rubber Compound
    SKU Effect Wattage Dimensions Pipe Size
    23-4331120V200W8.5" x 13" (215mm x 330mm)½" to 1 ½" Outer Diameter
    23-4332120V800W13" x 30" (337mm x 762mm)2" to 4" Outer Diameter

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