IBC Insulation Body Cover

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The IBC insulation body jacket insulates and maintains temperature inside a standard 1000 liter IBC container. Made of quality nylon materials, it features 4 quick release buckles for easy installation. It can be used with an IBC Container Heater and an IBC Foil heater for faster heating. A top lid can also be added.

  • Insulates and maintains temperature
  • Designed for standard 1000 liter IBC container
  • Made of quality nylon materials
  • Equipped with 4 quick release buckles for easy installation

    Info Specification

    The IBC insulation body jacket is designed to insulate and maintaining temperature inside an IBC intermediate bulk container. As for standards this insulation cover fits a standard 1000 liter container.

    The insulation jacket is designed in quality nylon materials and equipped with 4 quick release buckles for easy installation. This design allows the cover to be used in conjunction with an IBC Container Heater - just attach and power on the container heater first and then the insulated body cover as an outer layer. Tighten the straps and you will get a faster heating process. If you wish for an ever faster heating, an IBC Foil heater can be placed in the bottom of the IBC container.

    In addition to heating or maintaining temperature, you can also add a top lid to the body cover.

    Technical specifications:

    • Nylon materials.
    • Water repellent.
    • Adjustable straps.
    • Quick release buckles.
    • Standard Size:  1000L

    Fits standard 1000L IBC containers including containers from:

    • Schütz
    • Mauser
    • GNX
    • Hoover
    • Werit
    • Greif
    SKU Size Dimensions
    13-1432IBC4400x1000 mm.

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