Immersion Heater 1½″ Nipple with enclosure

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Immersion heaters are versatile and can be used to heat various liquids, including water, detergents, oils, tar, and greases.

  • Equipped with terminal boxes for easy installation
  • Suitable for heating contents in metal or plastic tubs and containers
  • Competitive prices
  • Large stock for fast delivery

    Info Specification

    Immersion heaters are used in many liquid heating applications, including water, detergents, oils, tar and greases.

    These immersion heaters are equipped with terminal boxes and are suitable for heating contents in metal or plastic tubs and containers.

    Our prices are very competitive, and with a large stock, we have a very fast delivery.

    Immersion Heater with 1½″ brass nipple and terminal box.

    Heating elements made of stainless steel (1.4571 RHK) for heating, e.g. water and other liquids. Thermowell for thermostat or temperature limiter has a diameter of 11mm.

    The terminal box has no thermostat. IP class 54.


    Komplet elpatron med messing nippel og koblingsboksElpatron med d-koblingElpatron med y-kobling
    Item #EffectVoltageInsertion lengthThermowell lengthSurface loadPlug:
    R-2080A1500W230/400V200mm190mm5-6 W/cm²Y
    R-20802000W230/400V200mm190mm8-10 W/cm²Y
    R-2081A2000W230/400V250mm190mm5-6 W/cm²Y
    R-20813000W230/400V250mm190mm8-10 W/cm²Y
    R-2082A3000W3x400V350mm190mm5-6 W/cm²D
    R-20824500W3x400V350mm190mm8-10 W/cm²D
    R-2083A4000W3x400V450mm190mm5-6 W/cm²D
    R-20836000W3x400V450mm190mm8-10 W/cm²D
    R-2084A6000W3x400V650mm190mm5-6 W/cm²D
    R-20849000W3x400V650mm190mm8-10 W/cm²D
    R-2085A7500W3x400V800mm190mm5-6 W/cm²D
    R-208512000W3x400V800mm190mm8-10 W/cm²D

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