DEVImulti™ PVC Heating Cable

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  • Effortless Setup: Designed for quick and easy installation.
  • Multiple Power Options: Available in various Ohmic outputs to suit your needs.
  • Durability and Safety: Built to be both safe and sturdy for peace of mind.
  • Extended Durability: Crafted for lasting performance and reliability.

    Info Specification

    Introducing DEVImulti™ PVC, the versatile and high-quality 4-conductor cable engineered for superior frost protection in long pipes and a variety of outdoor ground applications. Here's why DEVImulti™ PVC stands out:


    • High-Quality Material: Constructed with a durable PVC outer sheath, DEVImulti™ PVC is designed to withstand harsh conditions, making it ideal for outdoor frost protection tasks.
    • Energy Efficient: To ensure safety and energy efficiency, DEVImulti™ PVC should be used in conjunction with an appropriate thermostat. This setup helps prevent overheating and reduces energy consumption, making your installation both safe and cost-effective.
    • Versatile Configuration: Featuring 4 identical conductors, DEVImulti™ PVC offers unparalleled flexibility in installation. These conductors can be connected in various configurations (parallel and/or serial), allowing the cable to deliver up to 11 different outputs based on the specific connection, catering to a wide range of heating requirements.
    • Flexible Application: Its exceptional flexibility makes DEVImulti™ PVC perfectly suited for external installation on pipes. Available in 3 versions with distinct resistance values, it can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your project.
    • Customization Options: DEVImulti™ PVC can be customized to suit specific project requirements, including voltage, required output, heating cable length, and cold lead length, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique application.
    • Installation Responsibility: It is crucial for installers/designers to select the correct cold lead dimensioned for the purpose and use assembly sets that ensure sufficient mechanical strength, flammability resistance, and water tightness. Proper design of the heating unit with the correct output for the specific application is essential to prevent overheating of the cable or building materials.


    Please note, DEVImulti™ PVC cables are not approved for use in contact with drinking water. Choose DEVImulti™ PVC for your frost protection needs and benefit from a customizable, efficient, and robust heating solution.


    Technical Specification:

    Operation voltage, max.: Uo/U = 300/500 V~

    Construction: 4-conductor, round

    Max. permissible use temperature, powered: 70 °C

    Max. permissible use temperature, unpowered: 90 °C

    Cable dimensions, max.: Ø 8 mm

    Deformation strength, min.: 600 N

    Pulling strength, min: 120 N

    Conductor insulation: FEP

    Filler sheath: PVC

    Outer sheath:

    DEVImulti™ PVC: PVC, red

    Screen: 1 mm² (16 x 0,286 mm)

    Min. installation temperature: 0 °C

    Bending Ø, min.: 6 x cable diameter

    IP Class: IPX7

    Resistance Conductor Ø Length
    4 x 0,027 Ohm/m (Copper wire)1,02mm1000-1200m (+/- 2%)
    4 x 0,220 Ohm/m (Brass wire)0,771mm1000-1200m (+/- 2%)
    4 x 2,5 Ohm/m (Сonstantan wire)0,96mm1000-1200m (+/- 2%)

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