DEVIpipeheat™ 10 V3 Self-limiting Heating Cable

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  • Customizable Length: Trim to the perfect size on-site for precise installation.
  • Convenient Pre-cut Lengths: Available in predetermined sizes for immediate use.
  • Compact Cable Profile: Designed with a small footprint for minimal intrusion.
  • Flexible Placement: Suitable for both interior and exterior pipe applications.
  • Drinking Water Safe: Certified for installation within drinking water pipes, ensuring safety and compliance.

    Info Specification

    Explore the DEVIpipeheat™ 10 V3, a sophisticated self-limiting heating cable engineered for superior frost protection of pipes. With its advanced features and capabilities, DEVIpipeheat™ 10 V3 stands out as a prime solution for maintaining pipe temperatures:


    • Intelligent Self-Limiting Technology: DEVIpipeheat™ 10 V3 dynamically adjusts its heat output based on ambient temperatures, ensuring efficient energy use while preventing freezing in pipes.
    • Versatile Application: Designed for both indoor and outdoor installation in water pipes, it's compatible with drinking and common water systems. Its design is universally applicable, with specific certification for use inside pipes in countries such as Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Russia.
    • Flexible Product Options: The range includes cable on a drum, cut-to-length options, and ready-made cables with a cold lead, offering a solution for various installation needs and preferences.
    • Safety Measures: To guarantee safety and optimal performance, each cable requires connection to a thermostat for over-temperature protection and an RCD (Residual Current Device) with a maximum trip current of 30 mA to prevent electrical faults.
    • Responsibility of Installation: It's crucial that installers and designers select properly dimensioned cold leads and assembly sets that meet mechanical strength, flammability resistance, and water tightness standards. Additionally, designing the heating system with the appropriate output for each specific application is essential to prevent potential overheating of the cable or surrounding materials.


    The DEVIpipeheat™ 10 V3 combines cutting-edge technology, flexible installation options, and stringent safety standards, offering an ideal heating solution for pipe frost protection across a broad range of environments and applications.


    Technical Specification:

    Nominal voltage: 230 V~

    Nominal output (tolerance): 10 W/m @ 10 °C (7,5-13,5 W/m @ 10 °C)

    Maximum permissible use temperature, powered: 65 °C

    Maximum permissible use temperature, unpowered: 65 °C

    Minimum installation temperature: -5 °C

    Max. water temperature (inside water pipe installation): 23 °C

    Max. water pressure (inside water pipe installation): 10 bar

    Heating cable dimensions: 8,75 x 5,15 mm

    Outer sheath: HDPE + blue PVDF

    Minimum screen coverage: 100% aluminium foil

    Maximum resistance protective braid: 18,2 Ω/Km

    Bending Ø, min.: 50 mm (inside of the cable)

    Cold lead with plug: 2 m, 3 x 0,75 mm²

    IP Class for ready made unit: IP67

    IP Class for heating part and end termination: IP68

    Length Nominal output @ 10 °C

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