DEVIpipeguard™ 10 / 25 / 33 LSZH Heating Cable

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  • Site-Specific Customization: Easily tailored to the perfect length directly at the installation site.
  • Eco-Conscious Material: Completely free from PVC, ensuring an environmentally friendly choice.
  • Safer Composition: Lacks halogen, making it a safer option for both users and the environment.

    Info Specification

    Introducing DEVIpipeguard™ LSZH, a cutting-edge halogen-free self-limiting heating cable designed primarily for the frost protection of pipes. Here's why DEVIpipeguard™ LSZH is essential for your pipe maintenance needs:


    • Halogen-Free Material: Made with a halogen-free composition, DEVIpipeguard™ LSZH ensures safer installations, reducing the risk of toxic emissions in case of fire, making it an environmentally friendly choice.
    • Self-Regulating Efficiency: The self-limiting technology of the cable automatically adjusts its heat output based on the ambient temperature. This feature ensures optimal frost protection by increasing power in colder conditions and decreasing it when it's warmer, promoting energy efficiency.
    • Maintains Functionality: Unique to DEVIpipeguard™ LSZH, the cable continues to function effectively even when shortened, providing flexibility and reliability in various installation scenarios.
    • Durable Outer Sheath: Engineered with a highly resistant outer sheath, DEVIpipeguard™ LSZH stands up to harsh environmental conditions and corrosion while offering robust protection against mechanical damage.
    • Safety Compliance: For ultimate safety, it's mandatory that all DEVIpipeguard™ LSZH cables are connected to a thermostat for over-temperature protection. This setup ensures that the heat output is carefully managed to prevent any risk of overheating, as the output will decrease but never reach zero.
    • Use Limitations: It's important to note that DEVIpipeguard™ LSZH cables are not suitable for use in drinking water, ensuring compliance with health and safety standards.


    Opt for DEVIpipeguard™ LSZH for your pipe frost protection needs to benefit from its halogen-free safety features, self-regulating efficiency, and durable construction, all designed to provide reliable and environmentally friendly frost protection.


    Technical Specification:

    Nominal voltage: 230 V AC

    Nominal output (min-max): 10 W/m @ 10 °C (7,5-13,5 W/m @ 10 °C)

    DEVIpipeguard™ 10 LSZH: 10 W/m @ 10 °C (9,8-14,7 W/m @ 10 °C)

    DEVIpipeguard™ 25 LSZH: 25 W/m @ 10 °C (23,6-32,8 W/m @ 10 °C)

    DEVIpipeguard™ 33 LSZH: 33 W/m @ 10 °C (32,0-39,7 W/m @ 10 °C)

    Maximum permissible use temperature: 65 °C powered / 85 °C unpowered

    Minimum installation temperature: -5 °C

    Cable dimensions: 13,6 x 5,8 mm

    Outer sheath: HDPE + blue PVDF

    DEVIpipeguard™ 10 LSZH: Blue, TPE

    DEVIpipeguard™ 25 LSZH: Red, TPE

    DEVIpipeguard™ 33 LSZH: Grey, TPE

    Screen: Tinned copper braid, 1,25 mm²

    Minimum braid coverage: 70%

    Maximum resistance protective braid: 18,2 Ω/Km

    Bending Ø, min.: 64 mm (Ø to the inside of the tape)

    IP Class: IPX7

    Types Length Nominal output @ 10 °C
    DEVIpipeguard™ 25 LSZH250m25W/m
    DEVIpipeguard™ 25 LSZH100m25W/m
    DEVIpipeguard™ 10 LSZH1,787,5m(cut-to-length)10W/m
    DEVIpipeguard™ 10 LSZH750m10W/m
    DEVIpipeguard™ 10 LSZH250m10W/m
    DEVIpipeguard™ 10 LSZH100m10W/m
    DEVIpipeguard™ 25 LSZH750m25W/m
    DEVIpipeguard™ 25 LSZH1,787,5m(cut-to-length)25W/m
    DEVIpipeguard™ 33 LSZH250m33W/m
    DEVIpipeguard™ 33 LSZH1-250m(cut-to-length)33W/m

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