DEVIpipeguard™ 30 / 60 Industry Self-limiting Heating Cable

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  • Customizable Length: Can be precisely cut to desired length on site for perfect fit.
  • Eco-Friendly Design: Manufactured without PVC for a greener choice.
  • Durability in Sunlight: UV stable to withstand exposure to sunlight without degrading.

    Info Specification

    Introducing DEVIpipeguard™ Industry, an advanced self-limiting heating cable designed for robust frost protection and temperature maintenance within industrial settings. Ideal for pipes requiring maintained temperatures up to 120°C when powered and up to 190°C when unpowered, DEVIpipeguard™ Industry stands out for its high-performance capabilities and versatility:


    • High-Temperature Applications: Specifically engineered to support applications requiring temperature maintenance up to 120°C (powered) and 190°C (unpowered), making it suitable for a wide range of industrial needs.
    • Steam Cleaning Compatibility: Uniquely designed to allow steam cleaning within pipes, providing added value in maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in industrial applications.
    • Fluoropolymer Construction: The heating element, insulation, and outer jacket are crafted from high-quality fluoropolymers, ensuring durability and resistance to harsh conditions.
    • Chemical and Abrasion Resistant: The fluoropolymer outer jacket provides superior protection against a wide range of chemicals (including oil and fuel) and abrasion, extending the life of the cable in challenging environments.
    • Self-Limiting Technology: Features a temperature-dependent resistance element between two parallel-guided copper conductors. This technology automatically adjusts the cable's heat output based on the ambient temperature, preventing overheating and ensuring optimal efficiency.
    • Flexible Installation: The heating cable can be easily cut to the desired length, simplifying planning and installation while ensuring a perfect fit for specific requirements.
    • Safety Measures: To guarantee safety and prevent overheating, the use of a thermostat for over-temperature protection is recommended. Although the cable's output will decrease with rising temperatures, it never drops to zero, maintaining consistent performance.
    • Usage Restrictions: It's important to note that DEVIpipeguard™ Industry is not approved for use in drinking water systems, focusing its application on industrial environments.


    Choose DEVIpipeguard™ Industry for dependable, efficient, and safe temperature control and frost protection in your industrial applications, ensuring durability and performance even under the most demanding conditions.


    Technical Specification:

    Nominal voltage: 230 V AC (max. 254 V AC)

    Nominal output (min-max):

    DEVIpipeguard™ 30 Industry: 30 W/m @ 10 °C (30-39 W/m @ 10 °C)

    DEVIpipeguard™ 60 Industry: 60 W/m @ 10 °C (54-72 W/m @ 10 °C)

    Maximum permissible use temperature: 120 °C, powered / 190 °C, unpowered

    Temperature rating conform IEC 60079-30:

    DEVIpipeguard™ 30 Industry: T3 (max 200°C)

    DEVIpipeguard™ 60 Industry: T2 (max 300°C)

    Minimum installation temperature: -5 °C

    Minimum switched on temperature: -60 °C

    Cable dimensions: 10,2x4,8 mm

    Outer sheath: Red, Fluorpolymer

    Minimum braid coverage: 70%

    Maximum resistance protective braid: 18,2 Ω/Km

    Bending Ø, min.: 50 mm (Ø to the inside of the tape)

    IP Class: IPX7

    Types Length Nominal output @ 10 °C
    DEVIpipeguard™ 30 Industry270m30W/m
    DEVIpipeguard™ 30 Industry1-330m(cut-to-length)30W/m
    DEVIpipeguard™ 60 Industry270m60W/m
    DEVIpipeguard™ 60 Industry1-330m(cut-to-length)60W/m

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