DEVIsnow™ 300T 230V / 400V Heating Mat

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  • Effortless Installation: Designed for quick and straightforward setup.
  • Versatile Outdoor Use: Ideal for a variety of outdoor applications, enhancing flexibility.
  • Durability & Safety: Built to be both robust and safe, ensuring peace of mind.
  • Extended Lifespan: Offers long-lasting performance and reliability.
  • Ultimate UV Protection: Provides maximum protection and is UV stable, ensuring durability against sun exposure.

    Info Specification

    Introducing DEVIsnow™, a premium twin conductor heating mat renowned for its high-quality construction and efficiency in melting snow and ice on the ground. Here's why the DEVIsnow™ heating mat is a superior choice for your snow melting needs:


    • Exceptional Quality and Design: Featuring a 360° fully screened design with a UV-stable, tough outer sheath, DEVIsnow™ ensures durability and resilience. Its round profile and robust build enable fast, simple, and safe ground installations.
    • Energy-Efficient Operation: To maximize safety and energy efficiency, the DEVIsnow™ heating mat should be paired with an appropriate thermostat. This integration prevents overheating and reduces unnecessary energy consumption, aligning with eco-friendly practices.
    • Installation Considerations: Although designed for ground use, it's important to note that DEVIsnow™ heating mats are not suitable for direct contact with bitumen roofs. Additionally, the mat is not approved for roof installations due to the non-UV stability of the fixing tape.
    • Quick and Visible Installation: Equipped with a cold lead featuring solid conductors, the DEVIsnow™ heating mat ensures a swift installation process with easily identifiable connections, streamlining the setup process.
    • Guaranteed Longevity: Each DEVIsnow™ heating mat undergoes rigorous inspection, including tests for Ohmic resistance, high voltage, and material quality, to verify its exceptional standard. This meticulous quality control allows us to offer our extended DEVIwarranty™ with pride.
    • Environmental Responsibility: Accompanied by an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)*, the DEVIsnow™ heating mat provides full transparency regarding its environmental impact throughout its lifecycle, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability.


    Choose DEVIsnow™ for a durable, efficient, and environmentally responsible solution to keep your ground surfaces free from snow and ice, backed by our comprehensive warranty and quality assurance.


    Technical specifications:

    Nominal voltage: 230 and 400 V~

    Construction: Round, twin conductor with 360° screen, one cold lead

    Output: 300 W/m²

    Max. permissible use temperature, powered: 60 °C

    Max. permissible use temperature, unpowered: 90 °C

    Cable thickness: 7 mm

    Deformation strength: 1500 N

    Pulling strength: 450 N

    Conductor insulation: FEP

    Outer sheath: PVC

    Screen: 100% coverage; alu-foil; 0,5 mm² tinned copper drain wire

    Cold lead: 10 m or 30 m DTCL, 3G (1,5 or 2,5)mm²

    Min. installation temperature: -5 °C

    Bending Ø, min.: 5 cm

    IP Class: IPX7

    Heated area Dimensions Wattage Resistance Effect Cold lead length Cold lead size
    6,00 m²0,75x8,0 m1750W91 Ω400V10m3x1,5 mm²
    3,60 m²0,75x4,8 m1050W152 Ω400V10m3x1,5 mm²
    2,40 m²0,75x3,2 m700W229 Ω400V10m3x1,5 mm²
    7,90 m²0,5x15,8 m2285W70 Ω400V10m3x1,5 mm²
    5,90 m²0,5x11,8 m1760W91 Ω400V10m3x1,5 mm²
    3,50 m²0,5x7,0 m1050W152 Ω400V10m3x1,5 mm²
    1,70 m²0,5x3,4 m520W308 Ω400V10m3x1,5 mm²
    12,0 m²1,00x12,0 m3874W14 Ω230V10m3x2,5 mm²
    6,2 m²1,00x6,2 m1907W28 Ω230V10m3x1,5 mm²
    3,0 m²1,00x3,0 m750W71 Ω230V10m3x1,5 mm²
    12,0 m²0,75x16,0 m3824W14 Ω230V10m3x2,5 mm²
    11,0 m²0,75x14,6 m3300W16 Ω230V10m3x2,5 mm²
    3,60 m²0,75x4,8 m1050W152 Ω400V30m3x1,5 mm²
    8,0 m²0,75x10,6 m2285W23 Ω230V10m3x1,5 mm²
    6,00 m²0,75x8,0 m1750W91 Ω400V30m3x1,5 mm²
    9,75 m²0,75x13,0 m2890W55 Ω400V30m3x1,5 mm²
    8,25 m²0,75x11,0 m2630W61 Ω400V30m3x1,5 mm²
    12,0 m²0,75x16,0 m3625W44 Ω400V30m3x1,5 mm²
    14,55 m²0,75x19,4 m4250W37 Ω400V30m3x1,5 mm²
    6,9 m²0,75x9,2 m2080W25 Ω230V10m3x1,5 mm²
    19,05 m²0,75x25,4 m5750W28 Ω400V30m3x2,5 mm²
    5,0 m²0,75x6,6 m1445W36 Ω230V10m3x1,5 mm²
    21,15 m²0,75x28,2 m6300W25 Ω400V30m3x2,5 mm²
    4,1 m²0,75x5,4 m1227W43 Ω230V10m3x1,5 mm²
    6,0 m²1,00x6,0 m1750W90 Ω400V30m3x1,5 mm²
    2,0 m²0,75x2,6 m637W83 Ω230V10m3x1,5 mm²
    12,0 m²1,00x12,0 m3675W44 Ω400V30m3x1,5 mm²
    1,4 m²0,75x1,8 m410W129 Ω230V10m3x1,5 mm²
    14,8 m²1,00x14,8 m4250W38 Ω400V30m3x1,5 mm²
    12,0 m²0,5x24,0 m3770W14 Ω230V10m3x2,5 mm²
    19,0 m²1,00x19,0 m5840W27 Ω400V30m3x2,5 mm²
    11,0 m²0,5x22,0 m3240W16 Ω230V10m3x2,5 mm²
    8,0 m²0,5x16,0 m2528W21 Ω230V10m3x1,5 mm²
    7,0 m²0,5x14,0 m2022W26 Ω230V10m3x1,5 mm²
    6,1 m²0,5x12,2 m1887W28 Ω230V10m3x1,5 mm²
    4,9 m²0,5x9,8 m1440W38 Ω230V10m3x1,5 mm²
    4,0 m²0,5x8,0 m1225W43 Ω230V10m3x1,5 mm²
    2,0 m²0,5x4,0 m613W86 Ω230V10m3x1,5 mm²
    1,0 m²0,5x2,0 m288W184 Ω230V10m3x1,5 mm²
    8,25 m²0,75x11,0 m2630W61 Ω400V10m3x1,5 mm²
    9,75 m²0,75x13,0 m2890W55 Ω400V10m3x1,5 mm²
    12,00 m²0,75x16,0 m3625W44 Ω400V10m3x1,5 mm²
    14,55 m²0,75x16,0 m4270W37 Ω400V10m3x1,5 mm²
    19,05 m²0,75x25,4 m5750W28 Ω400V10m3x2,5 mm²
    21,15 m²0,75x28,2 m6300W25 Ω400V10m3x2,5 mm²
    6,0 m²1,00x6,0 m1750W90 Ω400V10m3x1,5 mm²
    12,0 m²1,00x12,0 m3675W44 Ω400V10m3x1,5 mm²
    19,0 m²1,00x19,0 m5840W27 Ω400V10m3x2,5 mm²
    14,8 m²1,00x14,8 m4250W38 Ω400V10m3x1,5 mm²
    3,50 m²0,5x7,0 m1050W152 Ω400V30m3x1,5 mm²
    1,70 m²0,5x3,4 m520W308 Ω400V30m3x1,5 mm²
    7,90 m²0,5x15,8 m2285W70 Ω400V30m3x1,5 mm²
    5,90 m²0,5x11,8 m1760W91 Ω400V30m3x1,5 mm²
    2,40 m²0,75x3,2 m700W229 Ω400V30m3x1,5 mm²

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