DEVIsnow™ 30T 230V / 400V Heating Cable

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  • Quick Installation: Engineered for fast and effortless setup.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for a wide range of uses, offering flexibility.
  • Safety and Durability: Constructed to be both secure and sturdy.
  • Extended Lifespan: Built to last, ensuring long-term reliability.
  • Optimal Protection: Offers the highest level of security and durability.
  • UV Resistant: Designed to remain stable and effective under UV exposure.

    Info Specification

    Introducing DEVIsnow™, your ultimate solution for combating snow and ice build-up in a variety of settings. This high-quality twin conductor heating cable, wrapped in a durable black PVC outer sheath that's UV stable, is designed for versatility and longevity:


    • Designed for Durability and Efficiency: With its 360° fully screened structure and robust construction, DEVIsnow™ promises easy, quick, and secure installations on roofs, in gutters, downpipes, and even directly on the ground.
    • Energy-Smart Operation: For optimal performance and energy savings, it's essential to pair the DEVIsnow™ cable with an appropriate thermostat. This setup helps prevent overheating and reduces energy consumption, aligning with eco-friendly practices.
    • Flexible Installation Options: Available with cold leads of 2.3m and 30m, DEVIsnow™ caters to various installation needs. The solid conductors in the cold lead ensure a swift and straightforward setup with a clearly visible connection.
    • Safe for Specific Surfaces: To maintain the integrity of both the product and your property, DEVIsnow™ heating cables are advised not to be in direct contact with bitumen roofs.
    • Quality Assurance: Each cable undergoes rigorous inspection, including tests for Ohmic resistance, high voltage, and material quality, ensuring that we can offer our extended DEVIwarranty™ with confidence.
    • Environmental Commitment: Accompanied by an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)*, DEVIsnow™ provides transparent communication about the environmental impact of the product throughout its lifecycle, demonstrating our dedication to sustainability.


    Choose DEVIsnow™ for a reliable, efficient, and environmentally responsible way to keep your property safe from the hazards of winter.


    Technical specifications:

    Nominal voltage: 230 and 400 V~

    Construction: Twin conductor with 360° screen, one cold lead

    Output: 30 W/m

    Max. permissible use temperature, powered: 60 °C

    Max. permissible use temperature, unpowered: 90 °C

    Cable diameter: 7 mm

    Deformation strength: 1500 N

    Pulling strength: 450 N

    Conductor insulation: FEP

    Outer sheath: UV protected PVC

    Screen: 0,5 mm² Cu, 100% Alu-foil

    Cold lead: 2,3 m, 10 m or 30 m, DTCL, 3G (1,5 or 2,5)mm²

    Min. installation temperature: -5 °C

    Bending Ø, min.: 5 cm

    IP Class: IPX7

    Length Wattage Resistance Effect Cold lead size Cold lead length
    45m1350W39,2 Ω230V3x1,5 mm²30m
    40m1250W42,3 Ω230V3x1,5 mm²30m
    34m1020W51,9 Ω230V3x1,5 mm²30m
    27m830W63,7 Ω230V3x1,5 mm²30m
    20m630W84,0 Ω230V3x1,5 mm²30m
    85m2420W21,9 Ω230V3x1,5 mm²30m
    14m400W132,3 Ω230V3x1,5 mm²30m
    95m2930W18,1 Ω230V3x1,5 mm²30m
    10m300W176,3 Ω230V3x1,5 mm²30m
    110,0m3290W16,1 Ω230V3x2,5 mm²30m
    8,5m267W599,3 Ω400V3x1,5 mm²10m
    140m4110W12,9 Ω230V3x2,5 mm²2,3m
    140m4110W12,9 Ω230V3x2,5 mm²30m
    125m3680W14,4 Ω230V3x2,5 mm²30m
    125m3680W14,4 Ω230V3x2,5 mm²2,3m
    110,0m3290W16,1 Ω230V3x2,5 mm²2,3m
    50m1440W36,7 Ω230V3x1,5 mm²30m
    95m2930W18,1 Ω230V3x1,5 mm²2,3m
    55m1700W31,1 Ω230V3x1,5 mm²30m
    85m2420W21,9 Ω230V3x1,5 mm²2,3m
    63m1860W28,4 Ω230V3x1,5 mm²30m
    78m2340W22,3 Ω230V3x1,5 mm²2,3m
    70,0m2060W25,7 Ω230V3x1,5 mm²30m
    70,0m2060W25,7 Ω230V3x1,5 mm²2,3m
    78m2340W22,3 Ω230V3x1,5 mm²30m
    63m1860W28,4 Ω230V3x1,5 mm²2,3m
    55m1700W31,1 Ω230V3x1,5 mm²2,3m
    50m1440W36,7 Ω230V3x1,5 mm²2,3m
    45m1350W39,2 Ω230V3x1,5 mm²2,3m
    40m1250W42,3 Ω230V3x1,5 mm²2,3m
    34m1020W51,9 Ω230V3x1,5 mm²2,3m
    27m830W63,7 Ω230V3x1,5 mm²2,3m
    20m630W84,0 Ω230V3x1,5 mm²2,3m
    14m400W132,3 Ω230V3x1,5 mm²2,3m
    10m300W176,3 Ω230V3x1,5 mm²2,3m
    5m150W352,7 Ω230V3x1,5 mm²2,3m
    17,5m520W307,7 Ω400V3x1,5 mm²10m
    35,0m1090W146,8 Ω400V3x1,5 mm²10m
    70,0m2160W74,1 Ω400V3x1,5 mm²10m
    110,0m3225W49,6 Ω400V3x1,5 mm²10m
    145,0m4295W37,3 Ω400V3x1,5 mm²10m
    170,0m4955W32,3 Ω400V3x2,5 mm²10m
    190,0m5770W27,7 Ω400V3x2,5 mm²10m
    215,0m6470W24,7 Ω400V3x2,5 mm²10m
    17,5m520W307,7 Ω400V3x1,5 mm²30m
    35,0m1090W146,8 Ω400V3x1,5 mm²30m
    70,0m2160W74,1 Ω400V3x1,5 mm²30m
    110,0m3225W49,6 Ω400V3x1,5 mm²30m
    145,0m4295W37,3 Ω400V3x1,5 mm²30m
    170,0m4955W32,3 Ω400V3x2,5 mm²30m
    190,0m5770W27,7 Ω400V3x2,5 mm²30m
    215,0m6470W24,7 Ω400V3x2,5 mm²30m

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